All About Rosia Frater


Location: 2630 W. Freeway Fort Worth, TX 76102

Rosia is a licensed professional and nationally board-certified counselor (LPC). She has worked in various settings such as schools, universities, community outreach, private practice, behavioral health hospitals, and crisis centers. Rosia has been privileged to work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 

Personal Greeting from Rosia Frater

First, I invite you to take a moment and recognize the huge step you have taken. I know that even deciding to see a therapist can be daunting. I do not know what led you here, but I assure you that you have taken the right step. At times life can be more challenging than anticipated. Things you were once able to get through or even ignore, you now find, are harder to navigate just to make it through the day.

Maybe you feel that you cannot trust anyone. Maybe you have a secret that you have been carrying alone for a very long time, and you just want freedom and peace. Maybe you struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, or just need direction. Whatever is creating tension in your life, let me help. You no longer have to carry it alone.

I know that trusting a complete stranger with your story can be scary. So, I offer you a listening ear, a compassionate heart, and a non-judgmental space to just be yourself. My greatest desire is for you to have the tools you need to move forward. I center therapy around you. Together, we will seek solutions and strategies to help you experience lasting change and live the life you were meant to live. 

Let’s talk.