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Penny and Dixie are true “life savers”. I am a high school counselor with a load of approximately 500 students. I am thankful for all of the new resources and professionals that we acquired this year, but last year we didn’t have all of the extra support systems in place. Penny & Dixie were the extra support system for one my students. I, along with our Communities in Schools case manager, were able to be at school support for the student. But he was blessed to have additional outside resources and support through Penny and Dixie. This student had high anxiety to the point that he couldn’t function on several occasions. After connecting with this duo, I noticed that he was able to calm down and get back to class within an hour, versus the 3 hours or more it would take before sessions with Penny and Dixie. At the time, I didn’t know he used Biofeedback, but I recently found out that he did use this method to learn coping skills and lower his anxiety. Last year he didn’t pass any classes. This year he has only failed two. He is doing very well. He’s only experienced one anxiety attack this year, but he was able to go back to class within 30 min. After learning more about the approach they use with biofeedback, I believe this is one of the reasons he’s coping and being successful in school this year. Thanks for all that you all do on a daily basis to meet the needs of others.




A Thankful Counselor


Have a nice day!

Iris Pelton

Counselor A-G

Crowley High School, Where Eagles SOAR!