Couples Intensive Therapy

A supportive and happy relationship with your spouse or partner is an essential element in creating a strong foundation for a healthy family system.  However, stressful life events are inevitable, and can put a significant strain on your relationship, which could lead to conflict and unresolved issues.  

Research has shown that couples who participate in intensive therapy sessions better retain the skills and tools needed to work through such conflicts. The benefits of intensive couples therapy are extensive, including:

  • An increase in wholesome communiciation between you and your partner
  • Receiving personalized and attentive therapy based off of an assessment of your relationship
  • Short-term therapy with long-term positive effects  

Penny is excited to offer such intensive therapy to couples. This treatment is well worth the cost, as this method uses scientifically-supported assessments, effective interventions, and is applied in counseling clinics around the country. 


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